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Located in Jatake Industrial Estate, Jakarta, very strategic location as supply chain hub, from Indonesia to the World.

We are less than 2 hour from Tanjung Priok Port and 1 hour from Jakarta Airport, and in the centre world known coffee specialities (Toraja, Mandheling, Kintamani and Gayo).



  Controlled by the top Enterprise Resources Planning System.

  Documented system for every stage from supplied raw materials to finished good delivery with full traceability.

  Environmentally friendly system with wastewater treatment plant.

  Segregation of material storage, laboratories, processing, filling and packaging area with special epoxy floor finishing to protect the factory evironment againt dust, moisture, bacteria and microorganism.

  Dust extraction machine to ensure pollution-free work area and air handling system to meet differential air pressure.



Expert in-House research & development facilities that take care of all issues ranging from quality, product performance, hygiene and safety. also to ensure our test reports conform to international standards competency



Provide formulation studies to develop products to meet local preferences and taste in our very own clinical laboratories comprising of microbiologists, chemists and researchers.

Continuously introduce new products and improved formulas to enchance our role as a Value-Added Reseller (VAR)

Commitment to lead-time and deadlines to reach the specific market environment for each new product.

All of our R&D processes are performed in Malaysia, Indonesia and China